Ecommerce for providing online shopping carts in todays vast global marketplace.

Shoppers have a sweet spot for the convenience of online stores. In order to grow your business, it’s mandatory that you get online and start offering customers all of the products and services they've been frantically searching for. If you build it, shoppers will come.


An ecommerce site can take your business from local… to global.

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Ecommerce (Shopping Cart)
  • Maintain Products
  • Adjust Pricing
  • In-Stock Options
  • Multiple Photos
  • Customer Accounts
  • Order History

Open A Store In Every City Without Relocating

An online store expands your reach to customers across the nation and around the world. It enforces your brand and entices all first-time customers to come back for more. Sell everywhere you want and do it at any time of the day!

Before the internet, growing your business meant spending capital to open physical buildings and hire on more employees. Now infiltrating new areas is just a click away. And since the internet operates all day long, you don’t have to worry about losing business when you close your doors at night.

Go from being the store next door to the store in everyone's pocket.


Unique Store Design

IC9design builds a custom store design that matches your brand and products.

Whether you sell jewelry, electronic components, cabbage, skateboards, or widgets, you need a store that represents the core of your business and displays your products in the best possible way. We build stores that ooze personality, pull customers in, and keep them coming back.

As with all of our custom websites, your new online store will be built "Responsive" so it works on all mobile devices.

Ecommerce Features

Along with the custom design of your online store, we include a strong set of ecommerce tools to ensure your online selling routine is simple. Access everything through your own password protected admin center.

Your customers can add, view, and remove items from their cart, view what's in their cart and complete their order through a simple checkout process. Order history and customer details are autosaved.

Add "upsell" items, multiple images of products, and customize product options to your liking. View reports for trends in sales, keep track of inventory, and set your own shipping preferences.

IC9design creates your unique ecommerce store so it displays great on all devices, from larger desktop monitors all the way down to smaller screens on phones - administer one site that works everywhere.

  • Add Products
  • Set Options
  • Check Orders
  • Fulfill
  • Follow Up

Take Orders Online And Get Shipping!

1. Add Products

Enter a description about your product or service. Upload product photos. Enter product sizes, colors, descriptions, and a ton of other custom options as you wish. Set a price, shipping costs, tax, number of items in stock, and a number of other options as needed.

2. Check Orders.

You are notified immediately when an order is submitted. Use your email as the primary notification choice, have the order sent to your CRM, and/or check in every morning through your online administration center to review orders. It's completely up to you.

3. Fulfill Orders.

Some of our ecommerce clients drop ship orders from a central warehouse; others package on-site and ship via UPS or with another carrier or freight. Fulfill the order and graciously thank your customer. Follow up after the sale and entice them to come back.

Knowledgeable, Experienced Developers

Being successful administering your own online store has more to do with just putting it "out there". Be wary of those who tell you to just sign up online for some off-the-shelf solution. We've seen what happens to good people with good intent that go that route. It's not pretty.

The designers and developers at IC9design build custom online shopping carts that raise conversion rates - in many instances by 200%. Imagine that, you can double your orders by hiring experienced (and helpful) ecommerce developers.

We focus on providing the shopper with clear messaging and strong calls-to-action to entice them to put items into their cart. The entire ecommerce design is intuitive, the web pages load quickly, and checkout is a breeze.

You have direct access to your ecommerce designer and developer whenever you have a question or need assistance taking care of your online store.