Mobile Apps streamline your business by cutting down time devouring processes.

We provide "web-based" mobile application services. This means we are developing web apps that are NOT unique to one single brand or device. They are available on all desktop and portable devices with a web browser.


Bring us your mobile app needs and we'll build you the perfect solution.

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Web-based Apps
  • Meet With Us
  • Needs Assessment
  • Discuss Possibilities
  • Create Action Plan
  • Develop & Test
  • Go Live

Great Ideas Lead The Way

No matter what your area of expertise, whether it’s in technology, healthcare, finance, or fun, mobile technology is shaping the way we receive and use information. The flow of data surrounds us and binds us, much like the Force in a galaxy far, far away.

IC9design works with your organization to conceptualize your mobile app. Our brainstorming sessions allow both teams to volley ideas back and forth. We take the information gathered from these meetings and construct meaningful and useful options.

Mobile apps are the way of the future. The smart choice is to create a mobile app from your business ideas to enhance your workplace, assist your customers, and expand your industry reach.

App ideas are true business superheroes.

mobile apps

Design The Best Experience

Your app deserves a highly-professional, polished look that complements the intuitive interface for your end users. We design custom graphical user interfaces (GUI) for all the apps we build.

As always, the finished product will look flawless on a vast number of devices from different manufacturers. But good looks don’t mean squat without a great personality … or in this case … functionality.

Development That Outperforms

Here is some sound advice:
When you pick a vendor for your mobile app, make sure that the development portion is being stressed as THE most important part. Most companies can make your app look great, but there aren't many that can ensure it's not full of bugs or "unintentional" errors on its release date. It's not much fun to run into a serious problem after you've started using it. You need a firm that puts your interests first and seriously considers your needs above their own.

Unlike the majority of developers, IC9design doesn’t just give you what you want. We give you what you need. Many times as we design an app, we come up with new ways to improve its functionality. Most developers design exactly what you specify with no consideration for things you may have initially overlooked in your haste to meet a certain deadline. If 3 months down the road you decide to add features, you’re often out of luck. We like to say the apps we develop “outperform” their intended use.

Development isn’t just art, it takes foresight. While developing a web-based app, we always consider the potential fallout and how to avoid possible disaster. One idea may lead to ten more. We don’t just create an application, we allow it to breathe and see where the rabbit hole takes us.

Our app staff is a mix of seasoned veterans and recent graduates. We like to consider the combination of IC9design’s talents as the best of both worlds, a mash-up of experience and unbridled, youthful enthusiasm.

Versioning and Updates

As with most software, there will come a time when you need updates. As your business evolves, so will your mobile apps.

When that time comes, rest assured we’ll be ready. IC9design values each customer we make and every app we devise. We are always anxious to see the direction our customers are heading. Success is a ladder. When you reach the next rung, we want to be part of the climbing process.

We've been around for more than 30 years - so will the mobile apps we build!