Email Blasts and monthly newsletters reach far and wide to generate more sales and leads.

We design, deliver, and analyze email blasts and monthly newsletters on your behalf. Professionally calculated email blasts reap more sales and allow you to convert new website visitors into qualified leads. They also extend your reach by prospecting for new clients!


Keep clients close and spread the word.

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Email Blasts and Newsletters

Guaranteed Delivery

We guarantee your email blast or newsletter will make it to the recipients inbox. To make this happen we use white listed, reputable services. Have you ever sent an email to a large list of address from your own computer? If so, then you might already know that a large percentage of those emails never made it to your intended audience. Your intentions may have been good, but the web works in mysterious ways (think SPAM filters).

We know the curve balls email marketing can throw: spam filters, inboxes with too many unwanted emails, outlook rules, keyword filters, expired email addresses, email server limitations, full inboxes, and more.

IC9design uses MailChimp to deliver and administer your message. This ensures it makes it to all valid email addresses. We'll handle bounces, unsubscribes, and keep track of responses.

We build your campaign with the right list, the right message, and the right response technique. Use our experience to fine-tune and deliver a much more successful email campaign than if you were to just rent a list and blast out some quickly made email.

HTML Rich Designs

The vast majority of todays email programs can display visually stunning emails. These are emails that look like flyers or web pages - with images of products, bold headings, creative layouts, and well designed links that entice you to click them.

These are the types of emails IC9design creates for your email blasts and newsletter marketing efforts.

Along with the visual HTML email, we also send out a straight text version. The text version is for anyone who has chosen not to display HTML emails. They'll get your email no matter what.

  • New Product
  • New Service
  • Updates
  • How-To's
  • News & Events

What Should You Announce?

An email blast is great for promoting your products and services, but what else can you spread the word about? Here are a few topics to take into consideration when sending either a newsletter or a blast:

  • Announce product, service, and business updates
  • New product or service launches
  • Company and industry news and trends
  • Changes to services and contract reminders
  • New features, additions, and version upgrades
  • Step-by-step articles, how-to tips, and documentation
  • FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions), customer care, and support
  • Calendar of events

Trust The Professionals At IC9design

Email blasts and newsletters are very effective when done right. IC9design has delivered hundreds of successful email marketing campaigns. Put your trust in the hands of those with the most experience, superb design skills, and proven customer service. And yes, we're talking about us.

We also keep you on track by setting up a marketing schedule. This ensures you'll have properly planned email blasts and newsletters going out on time each month. Gotta' keep the marketing machine running.